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Welcome to the News Room/Media Kit Area, where we provide easy, up-to-the-minute access to breaking news and information for journalists, reporters, and anyone interested in the Oregon Truffle Festival.  You'll find links to the right that will take you to additional Oregon Truffle Festival information.

2011 Media

Grand Moments at the Oregon Truffle Festival
A couple months ago, I was lucky enough to feast on Oregon truffles at the Oregon Truffle Festival in the Willamette Valley: the damp, ferny, mossy region in Oregon famous for sweet, rosy pinot noir and mysterious truffles!
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Jackson Family Wines turns to growing truffles -
Perigord truffles: They're called black gold because they're one of the most.
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Travel Ideas for the American West Coast -
The American West Coast runs along the Pacific Ocean and includes Washington, Oregon and California. The rugged coast in the Pacific Northwest gives way to sunny beaches and palm trees further south. The diverse terrain affords a correspondingly diverse array of activities. From road trips and outdoor excursions to civilization at its finest, travelers won't want for adventure along the American West Coast.
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Hunter digs up a monster mushroom, an Oregon black truffle, and onto the menu it goes at Higgins -
It looks like coal, smells like dirt and tastes like heaven. And for Higgins Restaurant, which bought what may be the biggest black truffle ever found in Oregon, it was a bargain at $80.
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On the hunt for Oregon truffles - The Orange County Register
Think truffles are limited to European soil? Guess again, my fungi-loving friends. I recently attended the Oregon Truffle Festival in Eugene and saw first-hand that the Pacific Northwest is teeming with the fragrant treasures.
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Celebrating Oregon's Bounty - Bend Bulletin
From truffles to crawfish, apples to garlic, food festivals abound. Imagine an entire festival built around the lowly truffle. For the past seven years, on the last weekend of January in the heart of harvest season, the Oregon Truffle Festival has sung the praises of this improbable epicurean delight.
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Grand Truffle Dinner Menu Announced for 2011 Oregon Truffle Festival - Robb Report
Celebrating what eminent 18th century French gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin is said to have described as “the diamond of the kitchen,” the meal will consist of four courses and dessert, and will include the efforts of five different chefs—hailing from fine restaurants throughout the Pacific Northwest—each applying their culinary talents to interfuse traditional Italian dishes with the famously earthy flavor and aroma of truffles.
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A Chance to Enjoy some Delicious Truffles! -
When most people think of gourmet truffles, a cinematic image of the misty hills of Italy or France most likely comes to mind. Pigs, too, will probably appear in this mental scene, the humble breadwinners of the world’s most expensive fungus. Click to view article -->>

Tasting Table - Food Culture Daily
If you're skeptical that domestic truffles can hold their own next to their European counterparts, head to Eugene for convincing evidence.
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Truffle Madness - Jefferson Public Radio
Oregon’s improving reputation as a culinary cornucopia is being helped by an elusive delicacy that grows on public land and is yours for the picking, if you know how. Click to view article -->>

Foraging for Fungi - Cheese Connoisseur Magazine
Imagine walking through a forest and stumbling upon a picnic basket filled with pricey matsutake mushrooms and black truffles. Now imagine it’s okay to take a handful of these gourmet treats home for free. Click to view article -->>

Pheromone-Rich Pricey Truffles Take Root in U.S. Thanks to Dogs
The center of attention at the Oregon Truffle Festival in Eugene this year will probably be a magnificent Lagotto Romagnolo named Tom.
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You can enjoy truffles without going to Europe
If you've ever tasted white truffles in Italy or black truffles in France, the memories of those dishes linger. Click to view article -->>

'Tis the Season: 11 American Restaurants That Feature Fresh Truffles - Photos
Nothing compares to the savory taste of a dish prepared with Italian white or French black truffles served at their peak of freshness. Click to view article -->>

The Treasured Tuber
Oregon’s annual festival celebrates the elusive, mysterious and incredibly delicious truffle. Click to view article (enter zip code 57401) -->>

Pheromone-Rich Pricey Truffles Take Root in U.S. Thanks to Dogs
The center of attention at the Oregon Truffle Festival in Eugene this year will probably be a magnificent Lagotto Romagnolo named Tom. Last January, the dog responded to his handler’s cue with a manic sniff-and-scan of the vicinity that led him to buried culinary treasure in seconds. Click to view article -->>

Truffles, Wine and Gourment in Oregon
Article written by French journalist Olivier Thomas who attended the 2010 festival. Click here to view article -->>

Truffle Hunting in Tuscany's MaremmaTruffle Hunting in Tuscany's Maremma
Truffles possess one of nature’s unique aromas; a scent that, as Goethe said of Venice, “...can only be compared to itself.” With their pungent earthiness, their muskiness and the very oddness of their shapes, truffles have driven people to distraction for 3,600 years, with a bit of a respite in the Middle Ages when they fell from vogue when it was believed that anything found under the soil had been put there by the devil. Click here to read truffle article -->>

Foods That Have Gone to the Dogs
The annual Oregon Truffle Festival includes a two-daydog-training seminar, teaching participants totrain their dogs to sniff out the fungi in the wild. Click to view article -->>

Culinary call of the wild
Gourmet chefs will pay $250 a pound — and sometimes much more — for Oregon truffles sniffed out in the forest by specially trained dogs. Click here to read article -->

Oregon Meets Italy!
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2011 Press Releases

November 16, 2010

EUGENE, Ore. - Truffles, the earthy and expensive variety, do grow in America, but there have historically been few trained dogs or pigs to find them. For the second year in a row, the Oregon Truffle Festival presents the Truffle Dog Training Seminar, a unique event in North America teaching dogs and their owners how to find truffles in woodlands and truffle orchards across the continent. The seminar, and some of the dog-harvested truffles that result from the class, will be presented at the sixth annual Oregon Truffle Festival, to be held in Eugene, Jan. 28 through Jan. 30, 2011. Read full news release -->>

October 25, 2010

EUGENE, Ore. - The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art on the University of Oregon campus will host "SLOW: The Taste of Authenticity," the opening act of the 2011 Oregon Truffle Festival the evening of January 28. A celebration of the slow food traditions of Italy and Oregon’s magnificent native truffles, the event promises to be an aesthetic feast for the senses as well as the palate. The multilayered program tells a story designed to connect the food we eat with the communities we live in. Read full news release -->>

September 1, 2010
EUGENE, Ore. -- The rich and beautiful palette of Italian truffle culture will join with Oregon's budding truffle industry at the sixth annual Oregon Truffle Festival, to be held Jan. 28 through Jan. 30, 2011, in Eugene, Ore. Registration opens tomorrow, Sept. 1, 2010. The destination weekend festival is composed of five weekend and several stand-alone experience options, culminating in the Grand Truffle Dinner. Guests can enjoy lectures, cooking classes, winery luncheons, truffle forays with trained truffle dogs, truffle farm tours and, of course, truffle-infused fare. Tickets for all events may be purchased online. Read full news release -->>

2010 Media/Press Releases

January 14, 2010
EUGENE, Ore.--- Five of Oregon’s most celebrated chefs have collaborated to produce what has been described by Leslie Scott, Oregon Truffle Festival organizer, as an "artfully conceived" menu for the fifth anniversary Grand Truffle Dinner. Read full news release -->>

December 5, 2009
EUGENE, Ore.--- The Oregon Truffle Festival announces that four of Portland’s most celebrated chefs will join hosts Rocky Maselli and Stephanie Pearl Kimmel of Marché in Eugene to prepare the five-course meal served at the fifth annual Grand Truffle Dinner, to be held Saturday, Jan. 30, 2010, in Eugene.
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2010 Articles

Got Truffles? Oregon Does
The West's Culinary Gold Rush . . . Seeking Nuggets of White and Black Fungi
An article by Marcie J. Bushnell - Click here to view full article -->>

A la conquête de l'Amérique!
L'Oregon Truffle Festival ou festival de la truffe de l'Oregon a accueilli la semaine passée deux ambassadeurs de la cuisine du Lot et de la truffe noire du Quercy.
An article by Perre Sourzat - Click here to view full article -->>

Maine food writer lured to France, now Eugene by truffles and Pinot
Author Michael S. Sanders often writes about tradition and the long-held notion that when a community gathers to eat together, it shares more than local ingredients.
Medford Wine - Click here to view full article -->>

Oregon Truffle Festival 2010
Digging up the dirt on where to find local truffles
Inside F& - Click here to view full article -->>

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