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This year’s Oregon Truffle Festival was delectable fun (and at the same time an intriguing truffle education). Praise came from every member of my group of eleven participants. They couldn’t decide which dish, chef or event was their favorite. Leslie Scott is a detail person and makes sure that everything moves along according to plan. Thanks so much to everyone involved. Looking forward to 2012! Cathy Thomas Orange County Register Food Columnist, Author, Speaker “Melissa’s Everyday Cooking with Organic Produce” “Melissa’s Great Book of Produce”

Plate's eye view of Sweet Cheeks luncheon
photo by Joe McFarland

"First, I was really impressed by the quality of the organisation, I have been to several festivals or happenings and yours was really the most efficient. Also, I was pleased to work with such beautiful products. It felt like being at home. I particularly enjoyed the superb Pinot noirs tasted all along the week. I have been touched also by the responsibility of the people (teachers, students etc.. ) in the kitchen. It was great to share this experience with other chefs, with a special thanks to Stephanie and Rocky. Thanks a lot to you and Charles. Keep going like this and Long Life to your festival !" -- Jacques Ratier, Chef owner, La Récréation, Les Arques, FRANCE

"I wanted to thank you both again for your Herculean efforts to bring everything together for the OTF. I was amazed at the endless detail and the thoughtful, careful planning at every step. Who cares if Mother Nature wrecked the truffle crop this year? The food and wine were awesome. I keep telling the local foodies here in Illinois what they missed this year." --Joe McFarland, Illinois Mushrooms

"I came home replete -- and heavier than when I left. As I do my laps each day in the pool at the Y, however, I reflect on the very fine time you showed every one of us out there and how much I learned. You and your husband should be classed Oregon State Treasures, and I have done nothing but tell everyone that it was the best-organized, best-wined, best-fooded 3 day event I have ever seen--and I've been, among others, to the Nantucket Wine Festival, baby!" -- Michael Sanders, Author From Here, You Can't See Paris: Seasons of a French Village and Its Restaurant and Families of the Vine: Seasons Among the Winemakers of Southwest France

"What an amazing weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a quick note of congratulations on how well organized and delicious this series of events was. Our dog had a great time getting trained and I think after a bit more work will be finding us the prize regularly. I also wanted to let you know that the Friday night dinner was among the best meals I've had in the past 10 years. I travel all over the world and US on business and eat at the best places. We'll be back! -- Patrick, New Mexico

"What a fine experience! I never imagined that a mere truffle would bring people with such diverse interests together. Farmers, scientists, chefs, restaurateurs, dog lovers, and the epicurious were all engaged in experiencing the joy of discovery together. How wonderful it was to embed oneself in an experience of such culinary and educational delights." --Gaylene Carpenter, Associate Professor Emerita, AAD Festival and Event Management, University of Oregon