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Truffle Dog Training Seminar - Sold Out

The Truffle Dog Training Seminar is produced in Partnership
with NW Truffle Dogs
NW Truffle Dogs
Truffle Dog Training Seminar 2009
Truffle Dog Training Seminar 2009
Truffle Dog Training Seminar 2009
Truffle Dog Training Seminar 2009
Truffle Dog Training Seminar 2009
Truffle Dog Training Seminar 2009
Truffle Dog Training Seminar 2009

That truffles, the grandest of delicacies, depend on pigs and dogs for their harvest lies at the heart of their mystique, but until now that part of their charm could be experienced only in the hills of southern Europe. We are delighted therefore to present OTF’s second annual Truffle Dog Training Seminar, the only event of its kind in North America.

The Truffle Dog Training Seminar is a unique opportunity not only to observe the handling and training of skilled truffle dogs, but to introduce your own dog to the scent of both Oregon and French black truffles. This two day event begins in the classroom, with lectures on canine scent detection and the fundamentals of scent training, practical sessions with your dog in the meadow adjacent to the Festival Headquarters Hotel, and the Festival Keynote Address. On the second day, participants have a one of a kind opportunity to engage in an authentic hunt for wild truffles in their natural habitat, untouched by human hands.

Training a working truffle dog requires ongoing repetition and dedication over months or years. We nevertheless believe based on our collective experience, that while not every dog will locate wild truffles during this two day introduction, many will succeed, and everyone who attends will gain the basic instruction necessary to carry out the longer term training required by every good truffle dog.

The instructors for the Truffle Dog Training Seminar include Jim Sanford of Blackberry Farm Resort, handler of North America’s first “professional” truffle dog who located close to 200 lbs of French black truffles in the orchards of a Tennessee truffle farm during the winter of 2008-2009, as well as four trainers from NW Truffle Dogs, with decades of cumulative experience in canine scent detection.

Attendance to this unique event is limited to 18 dogs. Final approval will be determined by the instructors. Dogs in attendance must be well-behaved with other dogs as well as other people, and no females in heat will be allowed. The instructors also reserve the right to have seriously misbehaving dogs excluded from further activities if necessary.

The Truffle Dog Training Seminar will be held Friday, January 28th, and Saturday, January 29th, 2011. Friday’s event is at the Valley River Inn, Headquarters Hotel for the Oregon Truffle Festival. Saturday’s event is in the field, consisting of a truffle hunt for the native Oregon truffles.

Because attendance is limited to just 18 dogs, a limited number of people will be allowed to audit the Friday session *without dogs*.

Tickets can also be purchased as part of Experience Four, The Epicurious Harvester.

Please contact Dr. Charles Lefevre with questions.
Phone: (541) 513-4176

Our host hotel, the Valley River Inn, is dog friendly, providing a separate area in the hotel for everyone’s comfort and enjoyment.