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Truffle Growers' Forum

Dr. Nick Malajczuk presenting
Dr. Nick Malajczuk presenting on successful
truffle production in Western Australia
at the 2012 Truffle Growers’ Forum

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The Truffle Growers' Forum is an annual gathering and focal point for North America's truffle cultivation industry. It attracts an international cast of speakers, and growers from across the continent to discuss the breadth of thought and methods employed by successful truffle producers throughout the world. It enables growers, researchers, journalists, and truffle purveyors to keep up with advances in truffle science, engage with a wealth of experts, and make valuable contacts within the industry. The program for this event is dynamic, with different speakers each year, showcasing recent developments from around the globe. We assemble the best program possible, but as in any good conference, who you meet is often as valuable as what you learn. Since its inception in 2006, the Truffle Growers' Forum has served as a unique catalyst for future business and research collaboration.

The Truffle Growers’ Forum will be held Friday, January 24th, and Saturday, January 25th, 2014 at The Hilton Eugene, headquarters hotel for the Oregon Truffle Festival. Friday consists of a lecture series with this year’s speakers covering the breadth of the truffle cultivation industry. Breakfast and a truffle lunch are included on Friday.

Saturday’s events are in the field, touring a research truffiere designed to produce five European truffle species and three Oregon truffle species, as well as a truffle hunt with truffle dogs for the native Oregon white truffles. Breakfast and a festive winemaker’s luncheon with a guest chef are included on Saturday.


Dr. Christina Wedén, biologist and mycologist from Uppsala, Sweden, first started working with truffles in 1997. Prior to this, truffles were unknown to the general public in Sweden. Christina’s PhD thesis in 2004 dealt with the naturally occuring Burgundy truffle in Sweden and in this work the first truffle orchards were planted in Scandinavia. Parallel to research and teaching at Uppsala University, Christina runs the private company Tryffikultur AB together with agronomist Lina Pettersson. Since 2010 Christina is an elected member of The Academy of Culinary Arts and Meal Sciences, working interdisciplinary with science related to food and culture.

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Dr. Christina Weden, Biologist & Mycologist, Truffle Growers' Speaker

Dr. Christina Wedén

Biologist & Mycologist
Uppsala, Sweden
Truffle Growers' Forum Speaker
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Dr. Randy Molina received his BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1973 and his PhD at Oregon State University in 1980 under the tutelage of Dr. James Trappe. 

Molina began working for the US Forest Service, PNW Research Station, Corvallis, OR in 1974 as a Botanist, and in 1986 became the Team Leader of Forest Mycology until he retired from the Forest Service in 2007. 

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Dr. Randy Molina, Mycological Consultant, Truffle Growers' Speaker

Dr. Randy Molina

Mycological Consultant
Truffle Growers' Forum Speaker
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Dr. Pacioni is a Full Professor of Applied and Environmental Plant Biology and pro-rector at University of L’Aquila, Italy.  Since 1972 Dr. Pacioni has conducted research in the field of Biology of the higher fungi, first at the I.S.S. (Higher Institute for Health) of Rome, then at the University of L'Aquila, dedicating himself mostly to the mycorrhizal fungi. He has enjoyed two NATO semiannual scholarships at the INRA of Paris (the 1978-79) and University of Michigan (1983). He has been responsible for the research units of the National Council for Research grants engaged in the field of the mycorrhizal symbioses and their biotechnological applications.

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Dr. Giovanni Pacioni, Ph.D., University of l'Aquila, Truffle Growers' Speaker

Dr. Giovanni Pacioni, Ph.D.

Full Professor of Applied
and Environmental Plant Biology
University of L'Aquila
Truffle Growers' Forum Speaker
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Dr. Shannon Berch is a Research Scientist with the Government of British Columbia, and holds adjunct professorships with both the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, and the Centre for Livelihoods and Ecology at Royal Roads University (RRU) in Victoria. She is a founding member of the Truffle Association of British Columbia (TABC) and leads their research and development program. She consults for North American truffle growers, providing independent assessment of inoculated seedling quality as well as site assessments and agronomic advice. Both as a lover of truffles and an active member of the South Vancouver Island Mycological Society (SVIMS), she is successfully prospecting for edible native truffles in British Columbia. Dr. Berch will be presenting on recent developments in the international research literature on truffles and their cultivation.

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Dr. Shannon Berch, Research Scientist, Truffle Growers' Speaker

Dr. Shannon Berch

Research Scientist
Government of British Columbia
Truffle Growers' Forum Speaker
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Dr. James Trappe, world renowned truffle researcher and professor emeritus at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. Among Dr. Trappe’s numerous contributions to our understanding of truffles was his academic mentoring of many of the world’s leaders in truffle cultivation, as well as many of the speakers who have presented their work at the Oregon Truffle Festival. These include Dr. Nick Malajczuck, Dr. Carlos Colinas, Christine Fischer, Dr. Shannon Berch, Dr. Tom Michaels, and Dr. Charles Lefevre among many others. Dr. Trappe will once again serve as Master of Ceremonies for the Truffle Growers’ Forum.

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Dr. James Trappe, Truffle Researcher and Professor Emeritus at Oregon State University

Dr. James Trappe
Truffle Researcher and
Professor Emeritus at
Oregon State University
Truffle Growers' Speaker
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Dr. Charles Lefevre is the President and founder of New World Truffieres, Inc., a rapidly growing company specializing in truffle cultivation and controlled production of inoculated truffle trees. He co-founded the Oregon Truffle Festival in 2006 with his wife, Leslie Scott, to promote the native Oregon truffles as well as cultivation of the European truffles in orchards. Dr. Lefevre will be speaking on the industry developing around harvest of the native Oregon truffles, as well as the current status of truffle cultivation in North America.

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Dr. Charles Lefevre

Dr. Charles Lefevre

New World Truffieres
Truffle Growers' Forum Speaker
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The full program for the 2014 Truffle Growers Forum will be announced as it finalizes. Please contact Dr. Charles Lefevre with questions.

Phone: (541) 513-4176

Charles Lefevre and Simon Cartwright
Charles Lefevre and Simon Cartwright walking in an orchard of
oak and hazelnut trees inoculated with Tuber melanosporum.
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